04 December 2015

Let me show you a few things.


New  portion of crafty stuff is here!
100 % cotton/linen shopper bags painted with acrylic non-toxic paint.
Unique and eco.

Why bags?

The truth is that I am thinking about creating my own brand and starting my own buissnes.
Well, I´d like to do something that I love... and I love making things! And these bags are just a tiny drop in the ocean of ideas.

So at the begging of upcoming year I´m going to apply for grant for small buissnes.
We´ll see how it goes but I am really optimistic about it.

Here some new stuff:


19 November 2015

I bag you.

Hello everyone!
I got some pictures from my little project. Tell me what you think!

100% cotton, handpainted eco.
Craft bags here we go:

Have a good day! XOXO

09 November 2015



I have quite a lot of free time lately and as you may know I got back to drawing...and I must say that I really enjoy doing it again!
I thought about putting my drawings somewhere else than a piece of paper or a computer :)

So here you have a sneak peek of my little project:

This bag I made for my friend but I'm planning to make more...I will write about it in my next post :)

For now, more drawings:

22 October 2015

Let's bee creative

Welcome everyone!

I got back to drawing and photography lately...

I've been thinking a lot about my future and I have this project in my head that I want to do. I'll tell about it in some time!

Here, some of my creations.


More on my pinterest

and some photos of my lovely sister I've made recently (and other here):

14 August 2015

What matters is now

It's summer. For the first time I got real vaction...by real I mean the type of vacation when you just chill, when all you do is being lazy.

At first I felt really uncomfortable without a summer job... I always worked in summer time. I always have been busy.

I'm at the point in my life that I have to choose my path.

I'm excited and scared at the same time.
But it's good.
It's normal.

There is no point in whining.
There is no point in worrying.
There is no point in thinking too much.

All this...will just ruin your present.

And all we have is now.
Enjoy the life.
Days are like waves, every one of them is different from another.

inspirations via my pinterest