11 September 2012

This is just beggining...

Finally... I decided and here I am!

My name is Basia.
I am very sensitive creature.
If I could I would live on the beach.
I love windy summer days.
I live in Poland. 
But was born in Greece.
I can't imagine life without music.
My imagination is as big as the ocean.
I love the sea and the sound of waves.
I sing often.
My eyesight is quite poor.
I like to describe scents.
Warm countries are my countries.
If I love I can give all.
I write short stories...and hide them in the drawer.
If it's possible I travel a lot... and far.
Also by hitchhiking.
I can be multitasking.
I like DIY.
I finished polish philology (almost finished)
Coca-cola with ice cubes is my great weakness.
I started iberian philology with journalism.
And this is IT.
I love my family above all.
Without my friends I wouldn't be the person I am.
I love taking pictures.
I am very curious.
I am looking for my place...

I can't wait to share a piece of my world with you and you and... you