06 November 2014

Sweater Weather

Well...I thought that here I would have an endless summer (hahaha) but the time of cold has finally come!
I am still trying to adapt myself to the climate of Oviedo...and I am telling you that It's crazy...the changes of temperature are huge (from 30 degrees to 6 degrees in one week). 
Thanks to this and my shitty immune system... I am dealing with a cold for almost two weeks. 
I cannot count how much garlic I have eaten and many cups of tea I have drunk!
But I will get used to the weather for sure, I feel optimistic about it (laying here under the blanket and sipping my cup of lemon tea)

Sweather weather has come to Spain! (well, at least to the north...)

Here you have a short video that I made in beautiful romantic Galicia (the video was made near the Tower of Hercules an ancient roman lighthouse which is situated about 2-3 kilometers from the centre of A Coruña)

and some inspirations (all of them via my pinterest)

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