28 November 2014

What's Your story?

 - What's your story?

I remember the time when I heard this question...
It was summer 2010 and I was in the middle of my hichhiking trip to Barcelona with my friend. We got stuck in the south of Germany. The guy who stopped the car didn't asked about our destination, he asked about a story behind it.

But what was his story?

This man inspired me a lot.

He was a forty year-old lawyer from Ukraine but through his life he had lived in five different countries and he spent couple of years in each one of them. He knew at least four languages. When he was youger he hichhiked through United States. He adopted his little niece and gave her a life full of possiblities. He didn't want anything in return. He travelled a lot. All these years he was looking for his place...I can tell you that he finally found it.

Well, and I am still on my way, collecting experiences, gathering feelings, capturing moments in my head...exploring the world, enjoying it, seeking my place.
But hey! I am not that desperate to find it.
Because it's not about the destination, it's about the journey...

Here, some inspirations:

all of them via my pinterest

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